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First Time Fangin! Replicating Scott's Bite from Teen Wolf, Season 4

As a Fangsmyth, I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my catalog and skill set. Epic Cosplayer, Katey Griffen, approached the Kaos about crafting for her a full mouth set of fangs from season four of Teen Wolf. Though there are many werewolves, banshees, and snake creatures in the show, and all have been evolving throughout each season, Katey wanted to Cosplay the show's main character, Scott, and she wanted his Alpha fangs.

photo (2).JPG

A fan of the show, I was excited and eager to get to work. The Special FX Artist that designed these fangs did an incredible job, and the chance to reproduce these exotic and very intricate set of fangs for Katey was a challenge. They are gorgeous and wonderfully complex, not just a basic set of fangs. The above picture was the only accessible shot I could find, and though I can see that there are fangs on the molars I had to do some creative designing as there was no accurate pic.


Obviously, there were some changes that I had to make from Scott's original design. For starters, they to be comfortable in Katey's mouth, so they had to be shorter. Scott's prosthetics are a complete gum and teeth set. Mine are teeth only. Two very different and distinct processes were used in crafting them.

As a first time go at these massive fangs, I think I did a good job. But I do see room for improvement, and look forward to crafting more fang styles from every season of Teen Wolf!

To learn more about Katey's CosPlay go here ----> Green White Cosplay

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