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Welcome to another FANGtastic! gallery

Enter if you Dare!  A collection of photos and videos of cosplayer/model extraordinaire, Lopti - Agent of Kaos!

 N'Joy the Kaos!!!

Underworld Fangs from KKF!

Lopti gets her first set of Kaos Kustom Fangs and makes a video, transforming into Selene right before our very eyes!!!  

KKF's Impression Making Instructional Video!

Lopti tells you how to make stunning impressions with your Kaos Kustom Fang Impression Kit! 

Inserting Both Red Sclera Lenses by 9mm Special Effects

Lopti's tutorial on applying large lens to the eyes.  Ouch!  Tricky!!!  

Becoming the God of Mischief 101


Ever wondered what it's like to be Loki? Or asked, "What does the God of Mischief do to his hair every morning to keep it so perfectly gelled back?" Well, wonder no more! Now you can see for yourself the time and dedication that Loki Laufeyson puts into his own personal style. ^_~

How to Become Mystique from X-Men


So, you already know that Lopti likes it blue. She's been known to ramble on about Jotun Loki, Nightcrawler, Mega Mind, Zarbon (from Dragonball Z), and a few others. But Mystique has always held a particular sawy in her heart.  In this video, Lopti show us how she become Marvel's Mystique, revealing all the nifty tricks of the trade!  So, the real question is do you think we could get our favorite blue gal to cosplay Dr. Manhattan?!?!

Model, Hair, Make Up, and Customes by Lopti


Photography by Siffy of The Sisters Mischief Katelin Kinney Photography

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