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This page is dedicated to our more high profiled Agents of Kaos.  They're out there, every day, wearing their fangs, spreading the gospel of the Kaos, and generally reaping mayhem in their own beautiful way.

Custom Fangs and Vampire Teeth and Stavros


Lopti is a 24 year-old cosplay artist/aspiring model.  She has a passion for theatrical makeup, and loves to look for the little details that bring a character to life!  Many of her most beloved comic book characters are blue in color, which brought about the name of her site, Some Like It Blue!  She is best known for her cosplays as Marvel's Loki Laufeyson and Mystique, but also enjoys a wide variety of cosplaying characters from her favorite video games, movies, and fantasy stories.  Now, Lopti joins the Kaos as one of its premiered sponsored artists!

Custom Fangs and Vampire Teeth and Stavros

​Wyzae "Zombie Zae" C​rankfield

Undead Rapper.  Actor.  And owner of the Adultice Vodka beverage, Brain Matter, Wyzae, aka Zombie Zae, can be seen performing songs from his new album or scaring folks in the latest B movie mania.  A fellow Baltimoron, Zombie Zae haunts the same hallowed streets as Edgar Allen Poe.  View his prolific Photo and Video Gallery, or Visit him on Facebook!

Custom Fangs and Vampire Teeth and Stavros

​Alice Victoria Earhart

Indianpolis model and vampire neophyte, Alice is a regular convention enthusiast.  She can easily be found sportin' her Kaos Kustom Fangs anywhere from a visit to 7-11, rock concert, or show.  Visit Alice on Facebook & check out her photo work with The Girl with Scissors!


You too can be Fangtastic! Just sport the Kaos, spread nightbreed love, and infect your wondrous personality onto an unsuspecting world...and take pictures and/or video of the process and send it to us, and we'll place it here.  In the meantime...Fang On!

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