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Welcome to another FANGtastic! gallery

Enter if you Dare!  A collection of photos and videos of undead rapper, Zombie Zae - Agent of Kaos!

Get Bite or Get Ate

Zombie Zae's Newest undead video!  Straight out of L.A. Directed by David Reda.  Flesh Up Entertainment & Elftwin Films.  

Live on Talk Yo Talk TV

Zombie Zae is uncut & uncensored hosting Talk Yo Talk TV  and performing live at Tigers O'Stylies.

Live at Days of the Dead Atlanta, prt 1

Zombie Zae thrills and chills in this compilation video from horror con, Days of the Dead.

Live at Days of the Dead Atlanta, prt 2

Zombie Zae continues to thrill and chill folks in this second installment  from the  horror con, Days of the Dead.

World War Zae

Zombie Zae kicks it crypt style in this horrific homage to vampire and zombie films with his modern apocalyptic classic,WWZ!

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Zombie Attack

In this crazy, gore-soaked, nightmare musik video, Zombie Zae unleashes his inner demons.  This vid was before Zae got the Kaos, so those teeth aren't ours, but this is an awesome undead video from the cyber crypt anyway!

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