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Interchangeable Fang & Tusk Set w/ Gums!

Recently, I crafted a unique, custom set for a Cosplay Artist in Wisconsin. She had two characters that she wanted to portray, one of which required a full set of Fangs and the other involved Tusks. So, I decided that I'd craft a full mouth set with interchangeable bottom sections so she can switch to the tusks with ease.

This was also my first attempt at making gums. The spacing of the fangs was so that it required the fresh pink gums to pull off the realistic quality of the look. I quickly found out that working with the gum acrylic was basically the same as working with the fang/tusk dental acrylic. So, the work progressed smoother than I had thought.

The pics below of each set is right after they had been cut, before the Cosplayer painted and stained them.

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