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N'Joying the Kaos!

This lovely 1930's Optical Chair was donated to us and we are going to use it for Impression taking and face painting in the booth spaces at our Live events. What do ya think?

It is a heavy Sum-a-bitch. It was fully functional and in great condition, but to lighten it for travel I had to take out the hydraulic motor and pair down the arm extension. The arm extension without the large steel overhead light attachment is rather light-weight and very manageable. The chair, however, even with the hydraulic motor taken out is still a nut buster!

Oh in the Kaos.

We've got a new chair now. A brand new carved sign. And we are working on some new merchandise and product lines to launch this Spring at our events. Sculptor, Painter, Illustrator, and Musician, Kate Tsocanos, has joined the Kaos as our first-eva apprentice, so we are very excited to have her on board. She brings a fresh vitality to the craftworks, and if we can do half of what she & I are talking about then look's going to be epic!

We have also just finalized a sponsorship deal with extraordinairy cosplayer/model, Lopti, and are very excited to have her as a professional representative of the Kaos. We are currently working on several amazing fang sets for her, so pictures and tour dates will be posted soon. In the meantime, check out her introductory gallery in FANGtastic.

And lastly, we are in talks about procuring a studio/storefront so we can get 6 full days out of the work week for customer activity, instead of the occassional weekend gig across the USA. This would slow our tour dates some, at first, but it would give us ample ground to grow this beautiful business into something extra-special; and as you know, we are always pushing the envelope to be better and do better. In genreal, as a rule of thumb, we strive to simply live better. If we were to procure this space it'd be a huge step for us, and one that we hope, will allow us to continue to grow and bring awesome and amazing fangs services and original books and arts to the unsuspecting masses!

See you at the next Full Moon!

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