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Got Poetry?


Collected from over a decade and a half, Spoken Word is an autopsy of family and personal journey revealed through verse. Often times sensual, and driven by the social restraints of politics, the poet's voice and stalwart obligation to examine the human condition is at the forefront of this body of work.


Born in Washington, DC in 1967, and raised in southern Maryland, this collection reflects the poet's journey through the badlands of New Mexico and his return to the East Coast. The visionary mind behind the independent production of Poetry Television and the award-winning filmmaker of the feature documentary, Committing Poetry in Times of War, is laid bare with naked truth and a whimsical Zen-like nature.


Composed with photography from the artist's own anthology, additional artworks from modern artists Skye Andrews, Lydia Burris, Erick Spitzkeit, Benjamin Butler, and Kate Tsocanos adorn the pages of this intimate book, accentuating the spirit and raw emotion of Stavros’s poetry.

BOOK: Spoken Word

  • Poetry & Fangs!


    What's better than Poetry & Fangs?  I know, you're thinking blood...or Star Wars.  But for those that know, poetry is blood, and its verse can travel further than any star in the heavens.


    Combine this book with an awesome set of Fangs, a Kaos Spock Tee, or with Blood Junky, Love in Vein, or Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge!  

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