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                                “…Death was a dream of sleep where the eternally dying dream the sleep of death. The undeniable evidence in the stillness of her being, the stark paleness of her complexion, and the lack of blood pooling from her cuts after climbing through the window whispered dark truths in her ears. Rigor Mortis. There was nothing familiar to Jamie about her skin. Time and time again, she found herself asking what had happened, only to arrive at the hard won conclusion that she, Jamie Lund, wasn’t alive anymore. Somehow in the foolhardy night, she’d been a dumb girl. She’d gotten herself killed…


     From the mind of Stavros, the critically acclaimed author of Blood Junky and Love in Vein, comes a new twisted tale of horror and adventure. An average girl, living in the city is murdered. Nothing new, right? It happens every day. Just another statistic. That is…until she wakes up dead.


     Trapped within her own decaying shell, the dead girl struggles to piece together the awful events of her untimely death and hunt down the man responsible. Armed only with a kiss from an ancient Egyptian God, a pockmarked memory, her ex-boyfriend, and a murder of crows, Jamie Lund comes face to face with something more terrifying and real than mere death…she suffers the agony of being undead!


     With twenty black & white illustrations, and a full-color cover, from filipino artist, Aaron Alfeche, this sardonic tale comes alive like no other zombie story, popping from the page with stunning, unnatural brilliance. Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge will keep you on the edge of your seat, suspended in this unique supernatural thriller.

BOOK: Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge


Big Summer ExtravaFangza!

  • “WOW!  Holy shit…Thank you for this.  Thank you for bringing forth a story that more than restores my faith in a type that has gnawed at my entrails for over a decade.  It was different, it was refreshing, it was a damn awesome break from the “same old, same old” crap this genre is filled with.  It’s so hard to find an original zombie tale any more.  And even harder to find someone who can make an old story their own in some personal way.  But this?  Definitely not the same old crap.”
    -C. Dulaney, author of the Roads Less Traveled series


    “Just wanted you to know…I was about to wrap Dead Girl in festive Christmas paper but decided to read the first I'm on page 88 and I'm keeping the book...and I'm not going to bed anytime soon.” -Sabrina Buckman, a Facebook Post on Dec 21, 2011


    “I couldn’t put it down. I loved it.”  -Bethany Tanner-Evanko, a Facebook Post


    “OMZG! (Oh My Zombie Goodness) I absolutely Loved this book. Dead Girl is not the conventional zombie book, but a great one! It’s a book of mystery and revenge with Egyptian influence felt within the pages. Plus the actual attention to detail of rigor mortis and decomposition of the body is spot on and a great additive to the book. I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good revenge tale.  Plus I couldn't put the book down!” ​ -Sunshine Rose​, Chicago, IL. April 2013


    "No Brain Munching...Good Story!" -Jocelyn, TX. 4 out of 5 Star Amazon Review


    “Wow.  I just loved this story.  This book is unlike any I’ve read before…The author paints such a great picture for the reader to imagine.  I also love the illustrations in the book, drawn by Charles Hearn, such a fantastic artist. Highly recommend!  If you are looking for a unique Zombie book then check this book out, you won’t be disappointed!”
    -Jessica Figueroa, Escape Into a Book. 5 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review


    “Loved it!  Once I picked it up I didn't want to put it down.  I wanted to find out what happened to Jamie, well I was going to say just as much as she did, but I don't think that could be possible since I have never been there.  But you did feel like you were right there besides her trying to help her find her killer.”  -Nancy Allen, The Avid Reader. 5 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review


    "It's so good I had a hard time putting it down." -Alethea Devary, Book Nerds Unite!, KY.


    "Dead Girl is creative, funny, and sad.  I especially liked the ending. It was perfect.  I recommend Dead Girl to zombie fans, and those who like some humor, some ‘get what's comin’ to ya’, and some gore with their love story."  -Laura Thomas, 5 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review


    “Right from the beginning, I was pulled into the book and couldn't put it down. Jamie and her ex still have a bond, and you can see that from both of them… Kuddos to Stavros for making a dark subject that much more appealing!!” -B. Johnson, 4 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review

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