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                                  "Love is a serious mental disease"

                                         - Plato, 428 BC - 348 BC


When one’s life is long, the opportunity for sin is great. How great, then, are the sins of a vampire strung to the wheel of fate?

     This is the driving question that consumes the continuing saga from the critically-acclaimed novel, Blood Junky. Beginning just mere hours after the last page of Blood Junky has turned with “some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel,” (Lori Bowland;, 2011) Stavros takes the story to new heights. Love in Vein is a tale of crime and consequence, of love and sacrifice, intricately woven with real historic events. Set amidst gorgeous southwestern landscapes, a seemingly innocuous journey unravels a tapestry of events that threatens to crush the lives of all who are stitched into fate’s delicate skein.

     Linnet Pevensey is a two hundred and fifty-six-year-old Child of Evensong. Plagued by the memories of a horrific sandstorm in 1934 and the brutal murder of an entire farming village, she has been locked into returning to the scene of the crime every decade looking for redemption. With the wild, violent, and unpredictable century-old vampire Z joining Lin on her ritual, the two lost souls have wreaked havoc in their own right, killing and burning their feed sites, to cover their tracks, when Lin feels the pull to return to that northeastern corner of New Mexico.

     Now, as they barrel down the road to that hallowed site, pursued by two Arizona homicide detectives, Lin finds hope for her salvation in the form of a young medical student named Sarah Somers. But Sarah is more than just a stranger that Lin has met along the way. She is the spitting image of one of the slain villagers from the massacre that haunts the vampire.

     Sarah’s uncanny resemblance to the murdered woman draws Lin into a deep emotional journey of karma and lies. She abandons her long time friend for the young woman, causing unsettling repercussions that pits her very soul against her dark vampiric nature.

     Will Lin risk her sanity to save the girl that destiny has re-birthed for her, or will she become the monster that she has always feared?

     As with each book of the One Blood Series, it was conceived as part of an ever-widening, ever-increasing story line, but is self-contained and can be read independently. Love in Vein is a pulse-pounding horror novel fueled with an adrenaline-induced joyride on the wrong side of night!

BOOK: Love in Vein


Big Summer ExtravaFangza!

  • “Attn Vamp Lit Lovers – Finally a writer on par with Anne Rice.”

    -Crystal Gimesh, TN


    "I MUST recommend this novel to my fellow fangbangers! As a lifelong lover of the iconic neck-bite, I'm always looking for a new and fresh take on the infernal bloodsucker, and I certainly wasn't let down here!...It is believable.  It is real!...The transformation from human to vampire is also entirely different in the One Blood series than anything I've heard, or thought of, and is nothing short of complete genius!!!"

    -Danny C. Gay, FL. 5 out 5 Star Amazon Review


    “I highly recommend Love in Vein if you are looking for something different in your vampire books or paranormal reading list. If you are looking for something that is just slightly different than your normal take on vampires, then Love in Vein is the book for you.”  -The Avid Reader, Nancy Allen. 4 out 5 Star Amazon Review


    “Once again the author creates a superior universe filled with an entirely new culture of vampires... In the previous novel, I compared ‘Blood Junky’ to a very rich dessert, but ‘Love In Vein’ is a full course meal.  The series is a gift for those that love vampire fiction... It has some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel... Vampire novels of the past have included some very formulaic visions of simple blood exchange.  Yes, there is an exchange of blood but this series adds more to the basic scheme.  It breaks many molds and expectations of this being another generic story of immortal bloodsuckers.  This series and more directly this novel is comparable with, and at times, surpasses the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice.”  -Lori Bowland, Living Dead  5 out 5 Star Amazon Review


    "Something truly unique in an otherwise stunted genre...To anyone who is wanting an original vampire story, not some of the 'same old same' that has flooded the genre for the past couple of decades, this series will satisfy the thirst."  -Barbara Batchelder, FL. Nov. 8, 2017. 5 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review


    "What is most pleasing for me is that in these stories, Stavros has turned fantasy into legacy; the rich history of origins providing a depth and detail, missing in other works about those smitten by a blood lust... I very highly recommend this book, and 'Blood Junky', to every connoisseur of all things vampyr."  -Barbara Batchelder, FL. Nov. 8, 2017. 5 Out of 5 Star Amazon Review

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