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Inspired from the fangs of the White Winged Bat and designed by Marcus Bellecourt of the Rocky Mountain Vampire Family, this unique Fang Set is comprised of 8 fangs on the top palette and a single set of fangs on the bottom.  Beginning with Nosferatu syle fangs on the the Central Incisors, two small fangs with a slight curve towards the front rest next to them on the Lateral Incisors, with curved back fangs on the Canines, followed by a short classic vampire fang on the Bicuspids.  This unique and original fang style is elegant, sleak, and dangerous,

Original style is medium in length,  Though, you can get them smaller or longer by telling us your preference in the Ordering details.  Add Bottom Fangs to Complete the Bellecourt Bat or N'joy the top set only.  Impression Kit is included with purchase!

Bellecourt Bat Fangs


Big Summer ExtravaFangza!

  • Image does not represent actual product. Kaos Kustom Fangs are custom crafted to your specification and will only fit your mouth. They are as unique as you are! Please leave contact information when ordering. All Kaos Kustom Fangs are made of high-grade dental acrylic, form-fitted from an exact mold of your teeth, and will last until you are undead, or longer! You retain all molds for reordering and/or repair.
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